FRICTION is something that limits us for 100% efficiency. What does it mean?

Means we can’t use something with zero percent energy loss. On Earth we have this loss in different ways such as: Humming loss, Air resistance, Heat loss and much more.

But what about space? Do we also suffer from such losses in space also, specially friction force?

So, the answer is YES. The reason is simply this that we all know space is empty, there is nothing. So, by this concept there should be no loss.

But actually it is not like that, space in reality is not empty. There are Fields, there is Light, there are Microscopic particles.

These things also effect the movement. But there effect is count as negligible.

So, the correct information about FRICTION in space is this that actually friction acts in space but we consider it as negligible.


  1. I see realy interesting topics in your blog (like this one). It would be an honour to follow your blog as science and nature are my biggest interests.
    Kind regard and enjoy the weekend,

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