Is Earth Inertial Or Non-Inertial?

Earth is classified as both Inertial as well as Non-Inertial. But maximum times earth is taken as Inertial because we thought everything classically and which makes
our understanding better and easy.



  1. samsahana says:

    Earth has mass so that explains why it is taken as inertial. Why should it be considered non-inertial as well?
    Also, I’d like to join the telegram group of yours but can’t seem to get in.

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    1. As by Newton’s 2nd law we get to know the force(F=mdv/dt+vdm/dt in magnitude)which implies once velocity is constant and once mass. So, in simple words when mass is constant it is said to be NON-INERTIAL and when velocity is constant then it is INERTIAL. So, as we know mass is relative means it changes and hence Earth is Non-Inertial. But for our comfort and for making calculations easy we consider Earth as INERTIAL.

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      1. samsahana says:

        This is a helpful explanation! Thank you! 😁

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      2. My pleasure!😄

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