THE MYSTERY: Speed Of Light

Almost everybody knows the value of c that is 300,000 Km/sec. Means just impossible to even imagine.

On earth, it is not possible for something to achieve the speed of light. But if let us suppose an object moving with c then what’s about the object?

So, the strange thing is this that the object will disappear, but why?

The answer for its invisibility is cleared by the concept of LENGTH CONTRACTION. It provides us a relation between the rest length, its velocity and between speed of light.

By this concept, we get the approximate lenght of an object moving with speed of light as ZERO.

Hence, light is the biggest mystery even now. As, we didn’t get any visible object till now moving with c.



  1. samsahana says:

    I’ve heard that time tends to zero in the limit of speed approaching speed of light in vacuum. Any reason for why this length contraction occurs? It is mysterious that both time and length should diminish at that unattainable speed. Physics is a wonder. Plz keep your posts coming as you’re doing a great job in spreading this wonderful subject around. 🙏

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    1. Everything depends on speed of light, it is not possible for us to imagine that speed. Length contraction always occur but it is so small for the speeds we see that we don’t notice that. And when you see the formula you get to know we multiply the rest lenght with a value that always come less than 1 due to which lenght always decreases.

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