Concept Of Permittivity

‘ε’(Epsilon) is not only a value in electrostatics, but also had a benign physical significance.

Permittivity is the property of any surrounding. This can be easily explained by the example given below:

Suppose we send a signal which has 100% information but our receiver receives only 60% of signal, then where our 40% signal gone?

This remaining signal is absorbed in the surrounding. So, actually this property of surrounding that how much energy does it absorbs from our source, is termed as its PERMITTIVITY.

This permittivity is different for different mediums. In most of the cases our surrounding is vaccum, so we use ε.(Epsilon naught) which has a fixed value.

Hence, this permittivity only defines the property of surrounding in which any charge is placed in electrostatics.



  1. Gunta says:

    What you say goes clear over my head, but the image lives in my memory. I have no idea how it works, but it says so much to me. Can you write the science about what creates color in our heads or eyes? I wonder if I might be capable of following that path?

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    1. This is a little concept of physics talking us about the property of any material which deals with absorbance, the simplest example I can give you is a Sponge. Like sponge absorbs water when you drop in it, but not full it absorbs upto a limit. The similar thing happens with electric field, here the strength of electric field is absorbed by the property of surrounding. And only this property of surrounding is known as permittivity.
      I hope now you get it😅.
      My pleasure that you liked the image.😊
      Colours are shown to us only due to light, since every material has different properties. So, as we see on a object we see the light which it reflects, so the wavelength of that reflecting light gives us colour in the visible spectrum.
      I hope your doubt is now clear 😌.
      If you are interested in more Physics imagination and clearing your doubts please join:


      1. Gunta says:

        Thanks! Your explanation actually made a bit of sense to me. Physics was never my strong suit, but I may learn something if I keep visiting your blog. 🙏🤗

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      2. My pleasure 😄


  2. oneta hayes says:

    Thanks for leaving me some likes in my blog today. That was kind of you, and it helped bring me over here for a visit also. Good blogging for you.

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